A long day

What a long day it was. There was sunshine, some clouds, and a lot of running around. Is it still a nice sunshiny day or do we just get hot blistering ones? I must say it has been one of my greatest days as I made major strides into my business and personal blogs. This has been a long time coming and I must say, what a journey? You will not find a lot of my posts on social media but I must say, you will enjoy reading my writing. I find a certain sense of joy in sharing myself in the digital sphere and the universe. Writing gives a sense of #joy that lends itself to colour on canvas. They say it is important to write everyday; and #writers know how influential this is to keep the juices flowing. Anyways I had a great ride today and happened to meet a fellow writer. Just the other day, I met a photographer. I’m sorry enjoying my life and I must say it’s great! I’ll be keeping my posts short for now and will grow as much as you allow me. Thank you for reading.


Gratitude humbles you; it also helps you appreciate the things in your life that may otherwise go unnoticed. Making the time for gratitude allows you to further invite good karma into your life. “If you appreciate what you have you will have a lot, yet if you look at what you don’t have you will lack.” So go on say thank you for your haves, no matter how small for it is in seeing the small happenings that we can accept and attract more into our lives. Thank you

Finding Me

I would not say my life is perfect. Not by a long shot. What I can tell you however is that the lessons learnt along the way have been priceless. Just the other day I learnt hogging things isn’t right especially if you want to grow. You know when you live at home and keep certain things for yourself… Don’t do it. Share whatever you have and be content that you are lucky to be in a position to provide for your family. What you provide them with would no be there had you not brought the goods home. So many people complain about a lot of things they have control over and make it seem like they are powerless by choosing to deal with them at face value. Take the time to look at things from a different perspective and you will have a whole lot to not only be thankful for but to appreciate. Accept that you cannot be all things at once and enjoy the fact that by looking through the hour glass, you can bring a while lot more good to the world than bickering. Be happy and thank you for reading. ♥ ♥